Key ceremony to celebrate new home for Army Specialist Harry Stokes

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A recent volunteer day for Army Specialist Harry Stokes brought him one step closer to his forever home in Amarillo. He will be given the key to his new home on Saturday, Aug. 20, at 10 am

During the July 16 event, volunteers came out early that day to gather and get the landscaping done for the future home of Harry Stokes, giving the house even more life to its already beautiful exterior.

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All of the participants that helped with Harry Stokes new home on Volunteer day

As previously reported, Army specialist Stokes served as a line medic with the 1-23 Infantry, 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. On June 3, 2012, three months into his first deployment in Afghanistan, Stokes stepped on an improvised explosive device; then an ambush followed. This explosion caused numerous surgeries, and the amputation of his right leg and left foot happened immediately during the blast. The result was the loss of his right leg and his left leg below the knee. Stokes’ medical skills allowed him to administer his own morphine and apply his own tourniquets while he waited for further medical aid.

Stokes is now medically retired and faces difficulties at home due to his injuries. With the help of Home for Our Troops, Branson Homes Construction, and other sponsors, he will have a home where he won’t have to worry about navigating around: It will be wheelchair accessible to take away the stress from his day-to- day life.

A volunteer plants landscaping around Harry Stokes' future new home.  Stokes will be presented with the keys during a ceremony in August.

“This was a long process to get everything done for this project. We love doing things for our community. We love to give back whenever we can,” said Scott Branson, owner of Branson Homes.

The community is encouraged to attend the event next month to watch Stokes receive the key to his home and look around at all the hard work that was done.