Cotton Concepts Leading the Way in Manufacturing of Sustainable Home Textiles with Compliance

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The issue of sustainability has grown ever more important over the last few years. Besides being thoughtful in using the natural resources, today we also promote ethical and social responsibility along our supply chains. Cotton Concepts is a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), which is globally known online platform that allows us to provide our customers and partners with detailed information about our social and ethical performance. Our aim is to ensure greater transparency across our entire supply chain. 

Our company has gone through the SEDEX Audit, which covers areas such as labor standards, health & safety, and environmental management. This audit highlights all the good practices which are proven to be effective techniques in the field of social responsibility. We share valuable information about our production sites for all customers and business partners to see. Additionally, this platform allows us to compile data on labor conditions along our supply chain which helps to manage the supply chain while adhering to the principles of Sedex.

Below are the main benefits of SEDEX certification in brief:

1.      Save factory work time and cost.

2.      Our factory is fully organized and upgraded in terms of quality, environment & social responsibility management system.

3.      With the help of Sedex certification, we follow international trend, pursue sustainable business management and obtain long term cooperative relationships with our customers.

4.      Our company respects employees, enhances corporate image, helps employee develop a sense of belonging, promote the harmony of labor relations etc..

5.      Reduced exposure to workplace risk factors and fully protect the health and safety of workers’ environment.

6.      Improves existing social responsibility management and helps improve management level. 

Being a part of this certification helps us contribute to Sustainable Textiles  on a larger scale. All toxic practices that would harm the nature are limited or even strictly prohibited in some cases. We do our best to protect the natural resources to offer a better eat for the future generations by being compliant to the Sedex audit.

At Cotton Concepts (CC), we’ve been implementing rapid measures to transition to greener organizational practices and processes at our manufacturing facilities. Additionally, a shift to renewable energy generation like solar is under development, banning of single-use of plastics is adhered to and recycling & reusing things is strictly advocated. This along with many other upcoming greener initiatives, the company should be able to achieve carbon neutrality status in the near future.

As an advisory for our global clients, we’ve been instigating the use of alternative fibers like bamboo for make home furnishings, bedding accessories, kitchen textiles and other soft furnishings. In addition, we have pioneered the process of extracting cotton from used textiles, that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Watch Video of the entire process extracting cotton yarn from used textiles and reprocessing the yarn to make textiles and accessories.

Furthermore, to address the issue of plastics that’s collected from oceans, we have partnered with ocean conservancy groups to collect & recycle the plastic bottles that’s collected from oceans and convert them into PET yarn to make textiles. The project is called Ocean Bound Project (OBP), which has been making headway in this space since its launch almost a year ago. This project has been driving us through in our objective to achieve circularity in textiles and creating a circular economy that establishes a sustainable production and economic consumption model where raw materials are kept longer in production and can be used repeatedly, therefore generating less waste.

Many more such climate action initiatives will be commencing soon in our mission to combat climate change and make textiles sustainable. As a nature-positive business, #CottonConcepts is driving sustainable practices both internally and externally to make the textile industry circular and eco-friendly.