A Bright Future Is Solar-Powered

Maybe you’ve thought about going solar but aren’t sure it’s worth the time and effort when you’ve got a no-brain source of electricity already in use. However, for businesses and homeowners who want to ensure a bright future for their wallets and the planet, solar is an investment that pays huge dividends.

Save Money

Investing in solar power may feel daunting, but there are a couple of reasons you shouldn’t be intimidated.  First, the cost of a solar system in the last decade has dropped over 50% in many places. Then there are also tax breaks and other incentives to invest in solar, which brings the initial investment down.

On average, owners pay off a new solar installation in eight years, while the average solar power system New Jersey user is projected to save well over $53,000 in utility bills over the next 25 years. In comparison, the average new car loan is now over six years, and at the end of that time your car isn’t putting any money back into your pocket. Even if you move, you can take the system with you, or leaving it on your current home can increase its value by $10,000 or more.   

Save the Planet

About 20% of greenhouse gases in the United States comes from supplying energy to our homes. Much of that is carbon dioxide from running our ACs in the summer. Solar power is a double win: You get the most use of the sun’s energy in the summer, providing a huge reduction in your household carbon footprint and a huge savings just when your power bill would be highest. 

Plan for the Future

If you aren’t yet a homeowner, how can you access solar power? Look for solar-powered apartments. Another option is the Community Solar Energy Pilot …

Tips will help a house feel like a home

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After relocating to a new place, it can take some time before you can feel at home. Even after you have unpacked everything and stocked the pantry and fridge with food, there’s still a sense of newness that prevents one from being comfortable. At times the feeling can continue for weeks or even months after you’ve settled. There is a great difference between living in a place which only provides you with basics such as bathroom and bed and living in a place where you will feel at home. This is mostly the case in rentals. It can be hard to establish yourself in a place that doesn’t suit your style or taste. Having an at-home feeling is manly about perception and irrespective of the factors around, it is possible to nurture real personality and warmth where you live. This article aims to ensure you feel comfortable in your house and offers different ways to ensure your house feels like a home.

1.  Have a calm environment in the bedroom

Having a tranquil, space that you have neatly put together is essential, particularly in a new home’s initial chaotic weeks. Your number one priority should always be setting up the bedroom. Ensure you make the bed, roll out the rug, hang some artwork, hang a mirror and set up lamps and nightstands. When there’s so much work to do, on is prone to leaving out some tasks, but resist that temptation, ensure you create a bedroom you’ll enjoy resting in.

2.  Adopt a pet

Home should always have a sense of love, and one of the best ways to achieve this sense is adopting a pet. Animals’ always make humans healthier and happy and just by having a kitten that you will be tickling or a dog that you’ll …

Tips for Choosing a Long-Distance Moving Company

Moving is stressful, and moving long distance is especially so. Hiring reputable long distance movers in St Louis MO can reduce the stress you feel about your actual move.

Do Some Research

Your friends and family members may not know about high-quality movers unless they have recently moved a long distance. However, local real estate agents and moving specialists may be able to help you. Just be sure to do some additional research, such as reading online reviews, contacting the local chamber of commerce and looking at their Better Business Bureau ratings and outstanding complaints.

You should also review the companies’ websites. Look for warning signs, such as recent name changes and experience, but also look for the services they offer, how quickly they can move you and their rates.

Contact the Companies

You should have a decent list of prospective moving companies after you complete your research. Now, you need to contact them. Initially, this will probably start with a phone call. Pay attention to how you are treated on the phone, the background noise whether the person sounds poised and organized or harried and overwhelmed. You may provide some details about your move, including your timeline, and schedule a viewing.

A quality moving company will come to your home and determine the time and resources they need to pack and load the truck. Ask the prospects whether they have the time and resources to move you within your timeline and when they expect to get started.

Get Quotes

Ask for detailed quotes. You need to know how much the moving companies charge for packing your belongings, moving them on and off the truck, how much they charge to go up and down stairs, and what the transportation costs are for long distances. You may be able to save …

How to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look - SilverBeam Homes

Your kitchen is your home’s hardest working are. Shouldn’t it reflect your style and serve up the features you need? Of course, it should! Here are some ideas you can use your kitchen to have a new look.

  1. Add Textiles

Incorporating fabrics not only the hard surfaces in your kitchen but also adds depth. Laying a runner between the sink and island visually increases the room and helps avoid slippery floors from occurring. Curtains or Roman shades scatter light and provide protection, while a well-placed tea towel offers decorative flair. Do not be shy about choosing bold colors or shiny patterns — these accents are easy to swap in and out, allowing you to change your kitchen’s look in minutes.

  1. Clear Your Counters

Removing countertop clutter makes your kitchen look bigger instantly — and the freshly cleaned space leaves more room for real cooking—store small appliances and other bulky products with sliding organizers inside cabinets. You can use decorative accents, such as a bright canister for corral cooking utensils, a well-filled fruit bowl, or a bottle of fancy olive oil. A kitchen cart is a perfect option for extra storage if you lack a pantry.

  1. Exchange Your Hardware

Without significant investment, new cabinet knobs or drawer pulls will subtly refresh your kitchen theme. So many designs, shapes, and finishes to choose from, the only tricky part is to determine which one is right for your position. Take cues from your current color scheme and cabinets — for instance, dark hardware against light cabinetry (and vice versa) provides a contrasting pop. Choose something that suits your contemporary style, if you want a seamless look. For more tips, check out NewChic and read reviews on them on Norskeanmeldelser

  1. Create an Eat-In Area

A casual dining room is great to grab a fast …

3 Best Curb Appeal Renovations for a Commercial Property

If you’re a small business owner with a brick-and-mortar store, you already know that it’s a challenge to get customers through the doors. Shoppers say that the way a business looks from the outside, also known as curb appeal, is one of the main influences on where they decide to stop and shop. Here are three tried and true curb appeal renovations that make any commercial property more inviting.

  1. Repair Parking Areas

Parking areas serve a utilitarian purpose, but did you know they also have an effect on your business’ overall curb appeal? If you’re in charge of maintaining the grounds around your commercial property, repaving your parking lot is a great way to improve the look of your business. Professional concrete pavers Baltimore MD take care of the job quickly, enhancing the appearance and usability of this important feature.

  1. Improve the Landscaping

Landscaping turns a stark, bare commercial building into something more welcoming. Even if you don’t have a dedicated lot to landscape, you can add charming color and greenery to the exterior of your business by installing planter boxes. These features work best when placed near main entry doors and when filled with ornamental grasses and blooming annuals, creating a focal point with natural charm.

  1. Add Seasonal Decorations

It’s no secret that seasonal decorations attract the attention of customers old and new. Show your festive style by installing lighting, or even themed window graphics. If you choose to install new holiday lighting, be sure to choose LEDs – they use less electricity and if one bulb does go out, the rest of the string still works. Always be sure to remove these decorations in a timely manner, since leaving them up can attract the wrong type of attention from your patrons.

Entice customers to choose your business …