Key ceremony to celebrate new home for Army Specialist Harry Stokes

A recent volunteer day for Army Specialist Harry Stokes brought him one step closer to his forever home in Amarillo. He will be given the key to his new home on Saturday, Aug. 20, at 10 am

During the July 16 event, volunteers came out early that day to gather and get the landscaping done for the future home of Harry Stokes, giving the house even more life to its already beautiful exterior.

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All of the participants that helped with Harry Stokes new home on Volunteer day

As previously reported, Army specialist Stokes served as a line medic with the 1-23 Infantry, 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. On June 3, 2012, three months into his first deployment in Afghanistan, Stokes stepped on an improvised explosive device; then an ambush followed. This explosion caused numerous surgeries, and the amputation of his right leg and left foot happened immediately during the blast. The result was the loss of his right leg and his left leg below the knee. Stokes’ medical skills allowed him to administer his own morphine and apply his own tourniquets while he waited for further medical aid.

Stokes is now medically retired and faces difficulties at home due to his injuries. With the help of Home for Our Troops, Branson Homes Construction, and other sponsors, he will have a home where he won’t have to worry about navigating around: It will be wheelchair accessible to take away the stress from his day-to- day life.

A volunteer plants landscaping around Harry Stokes' future new home.  Stokes will be presented with the keys during a ceremony in August.

“This was a long process to get everything done for this project. We love doing things for our community. We love to give back whenever we can,” said Scott Branson, owner of Branson Homes.

The community is encouraged to attend the event next month to watch Stokes receive the key to his home and

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HOLMES: Exterior of your home provides protection

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You’ve often heard me say, protect your home from the outside in. The primary components of your home’s defense against wind, rain, snow, and extreme heat are its roof and exterior. Your environment significantly influences the kind of siding you choose for your house.

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By replacing the siding with new material, you can increase the value of your property and improve the curb appeal, all while extending the lifespan of your home. It’s also a great time to add extra insulation to help save on energy costs.

Whatever the choice of material, it is essential to use a waterproof barrier and flashing around the windows and doors. Before calling a contractor, spend some time researching your other options and deciding which would best fit your property.

Brick is one of the most common types of siding. It’s durable, weather resistant, and looks great. However, brick is porous, so you must have the proper vapor barrier or air barrier between the substrate and the brick to prevent water damage, plus regular maintenance with the occasional repointing. Brick is not ideal for coastal regions, as salt can weaken and erode the brick over time.

Brick staining is another great way to update your house. Staining allows you to make subtle or dramatic changes to your brickwork, and adding masonry strengthener will help restore your old brick. Staining allows the brick to breathe while giving it new life. It can transform your home, lasting up to 30 years, and increase curb appeal without moving. It is also a good option if you have added new brick, for example by

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How to Upgrade Your Outdated Home Exterior with These Modern Trends

One thing’s for sure. With an increased value being placed on the comfort and usability of your living spaces, there has been no shortage of home buildouts and renovations over the past few years.

And if you take a moment to look around, you’ll see there are some very distinct and modern design choices popping up in the area.

Here, Michael Winn, founder of design brand Win Design + Build in Falls Church, walks us through the latest home exterior trends going on in NoVA.

white deck
Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Outdoor living

The past two years have seen a noticeable surge in both creating outdoor living spaces, and expanding upon existing areas.

“We’ve definitely seen a renewed interest in outdoor living,” says Winn.

This could include anything from porches, decks, and patios to pools and outdoor kitchens.

The possibilities are endless.

“The overarching theme here is really a byproduct of people spending a lot more time at home these past few years,” Winn says. “They wanted a space where they can safely gather with their friends and over the past few years, that has been outside.”

Modern and contemporary

A shift toward more contemporary home design has also happened in recent years.

“Previously, if a client was feeling a little adventurous or online, they would usually explore that on the inside, but we’re seeing that change recently,” says Winn.

An example of this may be taking an existing home like a Cape Cod, which is typically very traditional, and reimagining it in a way that makes it more modern.

blue cape cod home
Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

This could be done with an addition or a pop top, where a second story or part of a second story is added onto a one-story home, Winn says.

Textured panels are also something new that

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5 Tips For Painting The Exterior Of Your Home Like A Pro

A lot goes into the paint selection process other than the color; you must remember that the pigment you choose needs to protect the walls from weather elements. First, when it comes to the paint color, you need to remember that the exterior is the first impression visitors have of your home, and you want it to leave the right impression.

Begin by looking around the neighborhood for some inspiration; don’t go for paintings that are too loud that they overshadow the area’s architectural designs. You also don’t want paint color that is too dull, making your house unappealing and almost invisible. Once you narrow down on a few hues that you like, buy a few samples and paint over a large foam piece just to have a feel at how they would look on your walls. Then, select the sliding paints separately from the other pieces of the faade. Also, you need to consider how the hue will look against other parts of the house that you won’t paint, like the roof.

According to Sherwin-Williams, the two major types of exterior wall paints include oil-based and latex based. Latex-based paints dry quickly and are easier to apply. Finally, Sharper Impressions Painting advises that a semi-gloss finish will protect your walls from elements like sun rays and moisture.

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Study to develop crops, discover urban nature, uncover green technologies & nature-impressed innovations for healthy urban residing. The elevation designs for the four homes are in the styles of hacienda, bungalow and California ranch. The strong relation we found, significantly for anxiousness disorder and despair, means that psychological health in particular is likely to be affected by the amount of native inexperienced space.

Environmental Issues

A Habitat house starts out as an concept. An open ground plan limits or excludes partitions separating the main dwelling areas of the house (living room, eating room, kitchen) to allow for entertaining or interaction between household. Begin shopping via our home plans to seek out that perfect plan; you are able to search by sq. footage, lot size, number of bedrooms, and assorted other standards.

Both professions are integral to the design and construction of structures, comparable to buildings and bridges. Join me in learning about going inexperienced and reducing environmental impact in the house, at work and in enterprise. sixty seven Thus, an important component of sustainable dwelling is being waste aware.

Kentucky Green Dwelling Truthful The Center For Rural Improvement

Sustainable developments are an important a part of the worth we deliver to our customers. This team is made up of draftsmen, interior designers, construction managers, trade partners, actual property brokers, and current Ence householders. We meet Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the host of a neighborhood cable home improvement present, his spouse Jill and their three children.

Very detailed description of every part you could build your tiny house. This unique design contains a walled-in courtyard that opens to the primary-floor living and eating house, and a private master suite full with a laundry closet.

Ramblers or single story houses (also known as ranch type” houses), are ultimate for those who …

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