How to Upgrade Your Outdated Home Exterior with These Modern Trends

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One thing’s for sure. With an increased value being placed on the comfort and usability of your living spaces, there has been no shortage of home buildouts and renovations over the past few years.

And if you take a moment to look around, you’ll see there are some very distinct and modern design choices popping up in the area.

Here, Michael Winn, founder of design brand Win Design + Build in Falls Church, walks us through the latest home exterior trends going on in NoVA.

white deck
Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Outdoor living

The past two years have seen a noticeable surge in both creating outdoor living spaces, and expanding upon existing areas.

“We’ve definitely seen a renewed interest in outdoor living,” says Winn.

This could include anything from porches, decks, and patios to pools and outdoor kitchens.

The possibilities are endless.

“The overarching theme here is really a byproduct of people spending a lot more time at home these past few years,” Winn says. “They wanted a space where they can safely gather with their friends and over the past few years, that has been outside.”

Modern and contemporary

A shift toward more contemporary home design has also happened in recent years.

“Previously, if a client was feeling a little adventurous or online, they would usually explore that on the inside, but we’re seeing that change recently,” says Winn.

An example of this may be taking an existing home like a Cape Cod, which is typically very traditional, and reimagining it in a way that makes it more modern.

blue cape cod home
Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

This could be done with an addition or a pop top, where a second story or part of a second story is added onto a one-story home, Winn says.

Textured panels are also something new that people having been experimenting with.

“Manufacturers are now making some products that weren’t available a short while ago,” says Winn.

Warm and moody exterior colors

“White will forever be a classic favorite. That’s not going anywhere,” says Winn. “However,

people seem to be breaking a little outside of the use white and cream colors with their exterior colors.”

The addition of warmer, more moody colors is very in right now.

“It started with that blue and gray trend that was happening for a while and has expanded from there,” Winn says. “Now we’re starting to see more greens and maroons and other colors.”

natural wood exterior
Photo by Angie Seckinger

Authentic building materials

A renewed emphasis on using authentic building materials like natural stone, wood, and different metals is another trend that appears to be picking up speed.

“Incorporating natural wood elements helps to really warm the place and make it feel homey,” says Winn.

And using metals like copper, which will patina over time, gives it a finish that will continue to look different as the years go by.

“It’s extremely difficult to replicate these things in a way that looks really authentic,” Winn adds.

This trend just adds that little touch of timelessness to a home.

“Maybe it has to do with these last few years and everyone kind of going into nesting mode,” he says. “But we want things that are real around us, and that may be manifesting itself into the things we use in our homes.”

Megan Herr is an editor and writer residing in the Shenandoah Valley. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Penn State University.

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