How to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look - SilverBeam Homes

Your kitchen is your home’s hardest working are. Shouldn’t it reflect your style and serve up the features you need? Of course, it should! Here are some ideas you can use your kitchen to have a new look.

  1. Add Textiles

Incorporating fabrics not only the hard surfaces in your kitchen but also adds depth. Laying a runner between the sink and island visually increases the room and helps avoid slippery floors from occurring. Curtains or Roman shades scatter light and provide protection, while a well-placed tea towel offers decorative flair. Do not be shy about choosing bold colors or shiny patterns — these accents are easy to swap in and out, allowing you to change your kitchen’s look in minutes.

  1. Clear Your Counters

Removing countertop clutter makes your kitchen look bigger instantly — and the freshly cleaned space leaves more room for real cooking—store small appliances and other bulky products with sliding organizers inside cabinets. You can use decorative accents, such as a bright canister for corral cooking utensils, a well-filled fruit bowl, or a bottle of fancy olive oil. A kitchen cart is a perfect option for extra storage if you lack a pantry.

  1. Exchange Your Hardware

Without significant investment, new cabinet knobs or drawer pulls will subtly refresh your kitchen theme. So many designs, shapes, and finishes to choose from, the only tricky part is to determine which one is right for your position. Take cues from your current color scheme and cabinets — for instance, dark hardware against light cabinetry (and vice versa) provides a contrasting pop. Choose something that suits your contemporary style, if you want a seamless look. For more tips, check out NewChic and read reviews on them on Norskeanmeldelser

  1. Create an Eat-In Area

A casual dining room is great to grab a fast …

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3 Best Curb Appeal Renovations for a Commercial Property

If you’re a small business owner with a brick-and-mortar store, you already know that it’s a challenge to get customers through the doors. Shoppers say that the way a business looks from the outside, also known as curb appeal, is one of the main influences on where they decide to stop and shop. Here are three tried and true curb appeal renovations that make any commercial property more inviting.

  1. Repair Parking Areas

Parking areas serve a utilitarian purpose, but did you know they also have an effect on your business’ overall curb appeal? If you’re in charge of maintaining the grounds around your commercial property, repaving your parking lot is a great way to improve the look of your business. Professional concrete pavers Baltimore MD take care of the job quickly, enhancing the appearance and usability of this important feature.

  1. Improve the Landscaping

Landscaping turns a stark, bare commercial building into something more welcoming. Even if you don’t have a dedicated lot to landscape, you can add charming color and greenery to the exterior of your business by installing planter boxes. These features work best when placed near main entry doors and when filled with ornamental grasses and blooming annuals, creating a focal point with natural charm.

  1. Add Seasonal Decorations

It’s no secret that seasonal decorations attract the attention of customers old and new. Show your festive style by installing lighting, or even themed window graphics. If you choose to install new holiday lighting, be sure to choose LEDs – they use less electricity and if one bulb does go out, the rest of the string still works. Always be sure to remove these decorations in a timely manner, since leaving them up can attract the wrong type of attention from your patrons.

Entice customers to choose your business …

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3 Easy Steps To Prep a Home for Sale the Stress-Free Way

Wondering how you can make your home stand out in a crowded market? Prepping your home is a big undertaking, but there are some simple jobs that make a big impact. Complete these three easy steps to ensure that your property’s ready to make a splash on the market.

  1. Start By Cleaning

The single most important thing you can do to win over potential buyers is to get your house sparkling clean. Many homeowners only focus on scrubbing the kitchen and bathrooms, but you also need to be sure that your living areas and bedrooms are clean, too. The experts in carpet cleaning remove stains and, most importantly, bad odors from the carpets throughout your house. A thorough deep clean shows buyers that a house is well-maintained, and it makes it easier to do a quick tidying up before those last-minute showings.

  1. Patch and Paint the Interior

While you’re doing the deep clean of your house, you’re bound to come across minor repairs, including scuffs and chips to paint. After you’ve used a grease-removing cleaner to prep our walls, patch any deep scratches or gouges and cover the walls in a fresh coat of paint. Select a neutral color that has the best chance of appealing to a high number of potential buyers.

  1. Add Curb Appeal

Charming curb appeal catches the eyes homebuyers. When a home has great curb appeal, it’s generally an indication that the inside is as nice as the outside. Give your property a quick exterior makeover by pressure washing all walls and hardscape surfaces. You should also do a little landscaping work, like trimming trees and spreading fresh mulch, to complete the curb appeal update.

With a small investment of time and effort, your house will be ready to wow prospective buyers. By following these tips, …

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Dwelling Design

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The patron expertise commerce is dependent upon CTA for lowering-edge market analysis and forward-wanting trade requirements. Employees is requesting the Planning Commission approve a decision to introduce the four house plans. Brytons has selected a line of products in your rest room transforming projects which have been tested and proven to be some of the finest within the business. Contemporary dwelling Design to the lot with massive backyard or great view.

High 25 House Plans

Receive your FREE digital subscription to the Green Dwelling Journal delivered straight to your inbox. Arthur Rutenberg has been a revered identify in homebuilding since 1953, when he built his first home upon the four cornerstones” that will make him legendary: design, craftsmanship, service and duty. In laymen’s phrases, living green and sustainably means creating a way of life that works with Nature, instead of towards it, and does no long-term or irreversible harm to any a part of the environmental web.

If DIY home improvement is your thing, good for you; it can save you a number of money whenever you store house improvement on eBay and put your personal private stamp on your home at the identical time. His final look on House Enchancment was the eighth and closing season’s Christmas episode “House for the Holidays”, which aired on December eight, 1998.


Study to develop plants, discover city nature, uncover inexperienced applied sciences & nature-impressed innovations for healthy urban residing. 7 eight 9 10 These research point out that there’s a relation between green house and self-reported normal indicators of physical and psychological health. When building with Ence Homes you will get to work with the best within the enterprise.

Engineered trailer plans to take to your native trailer builder. In general, a major relation between the percentage of inexperienced space and …

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What You Should Know About Safely Using Compressed Air

5 Reasons Compressed Air Testing Is Essential in Manufacturing

Whether you use a portable air compressor or have a company providing compressed air service install one for you, access to compressed air can enable a lot on the work site. However, just like any other power source or high-power machine, air compressors should be handled with care. If you’re planning to use pneumatic power and tools in your next project, keep some of these safety tips in mind to keep yourself and others safe.

Follow Specifications and Standards

Air compressors are rated primarily by three metrics: air pressure, measured in terms of PSI (pounds per square inch); air flow rate, listed as CFM (cubic feet per minute); and the work the motor can do, given in terms of HP (horsepower). These are used to gauge an air compressor’s performance and match it to the power and air flow needed by other equipment. Besides these values, make sure that fittings, hoses, storage vessels, etc. all line up in dimensions and—especially in the case of vessels—are built to national standards.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Before using an air compressor, check the hoses and fittings to ensure tight seals and no leaks, and make sure the outlet is safe and properly grounded. Regularly clean hoses and ensure they’re free of dirt and debris, which could damage the compressor or other equipment. Also, periodically change the oil and/or refuel the compressor, but not immediately after use. When not in use, store the compressor and other equipment in a dry area to prevent rusting.

Smart Use of Pneumatics

While using an air compressor or pneumatic tool, make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Wear eye and ear protection. Pressurized air may kick up dirt or send debris flying, and the compressor’s noise can cause hearing loss.
  • Use gas- and diesel-powered compressors outdoors, as these give
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