How to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

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Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets for a New Look - SilverBeam Homes

Your kitchen is your home’s hardest working are. Shouldn’t it reflect your style and serve up the features you need? Of course, it should! Here are some ideas you can use your kitchen to have a new look.

  1. Add Textiles

Incorporating fabrics not only the hard surfaces in your kitchen but also adds depth. Laying a runner between the sink and island visually increases the room and helps avoid slippery floors from occurring. Curtains or Roman shades scatter light and provide protection, while a well-placed tea towel offers decorative flair. Do not be shy about choosing bold colors or shiny patterns — these accents are easy to swap in and out, allowing you to change your kitchen’s look in minutes.

  1. Clear Your Counters

Removing countertop clutter makes your kitchen look bigger instantly — and the freshly cleaned space leaves more room for real cooking—store small appliances and other bulky products with sliding organizers inside cabinets. You can use decorative accents, such as a bright canister for corral cooking utensils, a well-filled fruit bowl, or a bottle of fancy olive oil. A kitchen cart is a perfect option for extra storage if you lack a pantry.

  1. Exchange Your Hardware

Without significant investment, new cabinet knobs or drawer pulls will subtly refresh your kitchen theme. So many designs, shapes, and finishes to choose from, the only tricky part is to determine which one is right for your position. Take cues from your current color scheme and cabinets — for instance, dark hardware against light cabinetry (and vice versa) provides a contrasting pop. Choose something that suits your contemporary style, if you want a seamless look. For more tips, check out NewChic and read reviews on them on Norskeanmeldelser

  1. Create an Eat-In Area

A casual dining room is great to grab a fast snack, or to host guests while channeling your gourmand at-home skills. If you already have an island or kitchen cart, put the stools in bar-height to make it a meeting spot. You can also place a table with a few chairs against a wall — and match a slim rectangular or round pedestal table with a set of armless chairs for those low on square footage.

  1. Upgrade Your Appliances

No, you don’t have to do it in one fell swoop — consider which gadget you’re most annoyed by. Was it the lack of storage space in your refrigerator, the unreliable electric stovetop, or the fluctuating temperatures of the oven? Check the product dimensions and descriptions carefully before buying to ensure it fits perfectly into your style.

  1. Install a New Backsplash

Whether you live with old tiles or bare walls, opting for a new backsplash helps you to redefine your room style. To tie your kitchen decor together, cover the area underneath your cabinets, or extend it to the ceiling to make a statement. Remember your overall design balance when you pick a style, whether you’re choosing a subtle, neutral tile or a vibrant color or pattern. Stick-on tiles are a landlord-friendly option if you’re a renter, and look just like the real thing.