3 Best Curb Appeal Renovations for a Commercial Property

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If you’re a small business owner with a brick-and-mortar store, you already know that it’s a challenge to get customers through the doors. Shoppers say that the way a business looks from the outside, also known as curb appeal, is one of the main influences on where they decide to stop and shop. Here are three tried and true curb appeal renovations that make any commercial property more inviting.

  1. Repair Parking Areas

Parking areas serve a utilitarian purpose, but did you know they also have an effect on your business’ overall curb appeal? If you’re in charge of maintaining the grounds around your commercial property, repaving your parking lot is a great way to improve the look of your business. Professional concrete pavers Baltimore MD take care of the job quickly, enhancing the appearance and usability of this important feature.

  1. Improve the Landscaping

Landscaping turns a stark, bare commercial building into something more welcoming. Even if you don’t have a dedicated lot to landscape, you can add charming color and greenery to the exterior of your business by installing planter boxes. These features work best when placed near main entry doors and when filled with ornamental grasses and blooming annuals, creating a focal point with natural charm.

  1. Add Seasonal Decorations

It’s no secret that seasonal decorations attract the attention of customers old and new. Show your festive style by installing lighting, or even themed window graphics. If you choose to install new holiday lighting, be sure to choose LEDs – they use less electricity and if one bulb does go out, the rest of the string still works. Always be sure to remove these decorations in a timely manner, since leaving them up can attract the wrong type of attention from your patrons.

Entice customers to choose your business instead of the competition by completing a commercial curb appeal update. Complete the steps above to create an inviting atmosphere that your clients appreciate.