Why Clean Carpets Make a Lively Home

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Carpets make the first impression to the decency of every home. That is why it is very important to always make sure that they are kept clean at all times. A lot of people (mostly those living in modern houses) have carpets in their floors because they are warm and soft and therefore very comfortable to step on. Many people have also resorted to using carpets in their homes because stepping on bare floors is very cold and people do not want to wear shoes or slippers inside the house as they are not comfortable.

With the growing number of people with carpets, various companies have also been established for carpet cleaning. Searching for carpet cleaning Canberra has greatly assisted citizens because cleaning them at home is usually very tiresome and sometimes cannot be as efficient as it is normally done by the companies. Many people view carpets as leg warmers and dusters hence do not see the essence of maintaining their cleanliness. Here are the reasons why carpets should be kept clean.


The modern carpets have been protected during the manufacturing process in order to increase its durability. As the carpets are being used, the dirt and dust that accumulates in them reduce its durability by wearing out the protection that was manufactured with it. This is why carpets need to be washed regularly in order to keep preventing dust and other forms of dirt from removing the protection placed by the manufacturer.

Health Reasons

According to the statistics that have been conducted by numerous health officers, keeping dirty carpets in the house has been responsible for causing sickness to a lot of people especially children. This happens because when carpets are not properly cleaned they accumulate bacteria and fungi which end up causing diseases to the occupants of the house. Therefore cleaning carpets is as important as cleaning other things in the house. It has been recommended by various health professionals that a carpet should be washed three to four times a year.

House Appearance

Since carpets make the first appearance of the house, keeping them clean contributes a lot to the appearance of our houses. This has been proven by the way a lot of architects invest a lot of time when designing the floors for the houses they build especially the modern ones. Floors are also designed in ways that reflect light hence increasing the lighting of the rooms. Therefore, when carpets are not kept clean at all times they stop reflecting light hence making the floor to appear dull.

Economical Reasons

Keeping carpets always clean increases the lasting span of the carpets. Cleaning carpets make them last longer because when they are dirty dust accumulates in them and they slowly wear out. So instead of buying carpets yearly or after every two years, it is cost effective to pay for cleaning thrice or four times a year. The efficiency of regular cleaning shall depend on the expertise of the person cleaning it.

The bottom line is, regardless of the location of the carpet, be it door or bedside, it should be maintained through regular cleaning. The cleaning procedure is also important to look into.