4 Things You Should Know About Casement Windows

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If you’re looking for a scenic outlook, a great breeze, and an elegant design in a window, there’s nothing more perfect than a casement window. In addition to being timeless and extremely safe, casement windows can be a perfect option for those hard-to-reach areas in the home like the kitchen sink or a high-ceilinged bathroom due to its unique crank function. Even though casement windows might not seem like the obvious choice for certain areas in the home, there are a ton of little-known qualities that these unique windows possess that make them ideal as a centerpiece for any area of your home. Without further adieu, here are just a few of the things that make casement windows unique.

1. They Let in the Perfect Breeze

Many double hung windows or sash windows open vertically to let air into the home. However, casement windows operate in a slightly different way that allows just a bit more airflow into harder-to-ventilate areas. Because casement windows open outwardly instead of vertically, they can catch the breeze around the side of a house in a way that actually lets more air in. If you’re looking for the perfect ventilation system for a smaller kitchen or a new window treatment from Renewal by Andersen, casement windows can give any room in your home that perfect breezy feeling.

2. They’re Extremely Secure

While many window types require extra security measures to prevent break-ins, casement windows are actually among the more secure models on the market. With their unique opening and closing function, they’re extremely hard to open from the outside. The inner crank makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to breach the entryway without breaking glass, making it a perfect feature for rooms located on the first floor of homes and apartment buildings.

3. They Provide a Great View

Because of the way casement windows are built, with only one framing feature holding two larger panes of glass in place, the view presented by this window type is much more expensive than most double hung windows, which are separated by sashes and other frames. With a casement window, you can enjoy the full view of the outdoors and let more light into the smaller spaces of your home. With many window types that are designed specifically with the view in mind, like picture windows, the ability to let in more light comes at the expense of window functionality. With casement windows, you can get the full picture and let in the breeze all at the same time.

4. They’re Super Energy Efficient

Since casement windows open outwardly, they’re able to seal up against wind and cold much more effectively than traditional windows. This weathertight seal is also the reason why casement windows are so hard to break into in the first place. Casement windows allow very little space for unruly drafts and air pockets. Because of their unique design, casement windows can effectively shut out the breeze entirely when closed and allow for perfect ventilation when open, creating an ideal home atmosphere in any season.