This Oven’s Built-In Air Sous Vide is Perfect for Meal Preppers!

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LG oven with door open to show a vacuum sealed meal cooing air sous vide
The LG air sous vide works by circulating hot air around the food in a sealed container, which helps to lock in moisture and flavor. (

Calling all meal preppers and meal delivery recipients! LG’s new Smart Slide-In Gas Range with ProBake Convection & Air Sous Vide is the oven you need.

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Interior view of an lg oven with air fryer option
This LG oven’s air fry feature delivers crispy flavor to feed a crowd. (The Home Depot)

Variety of Cooking Options

The LG Smart Slide-In Gas Range with ProBake Convection & Air Sous Vide combines all the advantages of a gas cooktop with a convection oven to give you the best of everything. 

The spacious 6.3 cubic foot oven can hold whatever you throw at it, from a 20-pound turkey to dozens of holiday cookies. 

The air sous vide mode evenly cooks vacuum-sealed meals to tender and juicy perfection using precise, low oven temperatures and airflow — perfect for food delivered through the mail or pre-portioned during meal prep!

Craving a little crunch? Make your favorite crispy snacks — like french fries, hot wings and more  — minus the extra calories in air fry mode.

And for the gas cooktop, there’s a cast iron griddle and wok grate included.

LG oven with LED light-up knobs
Backlit knobs easily tell you when each burner is on or off with just a glance. (The Home Depot)

Functional Design

The LG InstaView Window lets you check on food instantly with two quick knocks. 

The tilted controls are easy-to-use, plus the knobs are backlit with white LED lights so you can quickly tell when each burner is on or off with just a glance.

Clean-up is easy too. Just spray the interior with water, press the EasyClean button and let the oven do the work. No need for chemicals or high heat. 

Plus, LG’s printproof fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish easily wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Hands using a phone with the LG thinQ app to scan the bar code on a frozen meal box.
LG ThinQ’s Scan-to-Cook feature takes the guesswork out of frozen food meal prep. (The Home Depot)

Smart Features

Use the ThinQ app to start the oven, set timers, or check on dinner from anywhere. Simply speak to control your oven with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The app also features LG ThinQ Scan-to-Cook Technology. Simply scan the barcode from select frozen foods from the ThinQ app, and the cooking instructions are automatically programmed.

Stay on top of maintenance with smart alerts delivered right to your smartphone. These alerts help you understand your appliance needs, avoid any potential problems, and keep your LG appliances running at their best for years on end.

Tap into these smart oven Wi-Fi features through the LG ThinQ app. You can download it for Android phones from the Google Play Store and for iPhones from the App Store.

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Find the LG Smart Slide-In Gas Range with ProBake Convection & Air Sous Vide Oven at The Home Depot.

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