Festive Napkin Folding Ideas That Are so Much Easier Than Expected

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The art of napkin folding may seem intimating at first glance, but it’s a surprisingly simple way to elevate your dining room decor. Whether you’re hosting the entire family for Christmas dinner, cooking a Valentine’s Day meal at home with your partner or looking for a fun way to enliven your weekly Sunday supper, we’ve rounded up easy napkin folding ideas that will add a DIY touch to your table.

Get creative by straying away from formal place settings. Instead, use creative napkin folds to hold silverware or turn a traditional table napkin into a playful creation (keep scrolling for bunnies, turkeys and fish). As you browse these easy-to-follow ideas, you’ll find fall foliage and floral bouquets that make the perfect Thanksgiving place setting, as well as Christmas trees, candy canes bows and elegant star shapes for the ultimate holiday table setup. If you’re brainstorming for spring or summer, we’ve got you covered there as well.

While most of these ideas require a square cloth napkin, we’ve sprinkled in a few paper napkin folding ideas — which is a more affordable option if you’re working with a lot of place settings. Once you’ve settled on an idea, you’ll be impressed by how quickly you get the hang of a folding technique. The best part: a few of these tutorials can be completed in less than one minute.