Cracked Walls at Home Can Be Patched In This Way

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Apart from being unsightly, cracked walls that are not immediately resolved can cause other damage that can threaten your residential structure. If not addressed immediately, the cracked wall will spread and create gaps in the wall, and this can become a source of seeping rainwater.
Patching cracked walls at home is actually easy. Yes, you don’t need to call a builder to fix this problem. There are several steps you can take as long as you know the best tips. Curious about how to solve the problem of cracked walls at home? Check out the full explanation below.

1. Clean the Wall First

Before you start the process of patching cracked walls, it’s best to clean them first. Why should it be cleaned? The main reason is to avoid dirt and dust that still sticks. Of course the presence of dirt can hinder the patching process.

2. Polish the Wall with Sandpaper

If the wall has been cleaned, then you can take the coarse sandpaper that has been purchased. Sand the wall until the grout is visible. This method needs to be done so that the patching process runs smoothly without the need to damage the wall paint.
When the plaster is visible, you can clean it again with a damp cloth. It is certain that in the process of using sandpaper it will cause dust and other impurities. That’s why it needs to be cleaned again. Apart from that, this step is also useful in keeping the walls moist.

3. Fill the Cracks in the Wall with Wall Filler

To fill in wall cracks, you can use a special cement called wall filler. Apply this cement over the crack because it will automatically fill the crack to the maximum. Let the cement dry before moving on to the next step.

4. Apply the Wall with Plamir Paint

Now is the time for you to use plamir paint to further remove the cracks on the wall. You only need to mix the plamir paint with enough clean water.
Let stand for 1-2 minutes then stir evenly until it looks thick. It is better not to stir for too long because it can speed up the drying.
You can apply plamir paint that has been mixed directly on the cracked wall. This material will automatically remove the cracks in the wall and dry by itself. You should pay close attention to this step so that the drying process of the plamir paint runs smoothly. In addition, plamir paint serves to level the walls and become the basis of the walls before being given another color paint. This stage is important to ensure that the wall covering layer is strong and will not crack again.

5. Give Color Paint on the Wall Again

Cracked walls that have been repaired must have a different color from the surrounding parts. To re-beautify this section, you can coat it with color paint. Give the color paint according to the surrounding area so that the condition returns to normal as usual.