Under-Cabinet Undergoing: 7 Steps for the Under-Cabinet Lighting Of Your Kitchen

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It is only natural to say that a kitchen should be well lit-up. Nobody likes to cook in a dark kitchen where the essentials and spices are tough to find. However, not just in cooking, lights also help in uplifting the whole décor of your kitchen. And if you have kitchen cabinets in possession, lights can be your perfect design companions.

The availability of kitchen cabinets in various styles, sizes and finishes allow you to opt for different kinds of light fittings to further add to the décor. Yet, it should be known that installing under-cabinet lights is not an easy job. There are a few steps to be taken if you are in for lighting up your kitchen cabinetry.

Here are 7 steps to keep in mind while installing under-cabinet lighting:

  1. Lighting-layout Plan: Before beginning with anything, it is strongly suggested, to make a plan. How many lights will be need, their placements, color, chalk all these out in advance in order to avoid confusion later.

The availability of Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets allows you more space to utilize without any restriction. So, opt for an innovative design which when the lights are affixed to provide your guests with the perfectly well-lit display of your kitchen décor.

  1. Have a clean workspace: Before beginning with the job, clear your path by taking out all the kitchen paraphernalia from your kitchen cabinets. Although it does not sound that much necessary, it brings down hindrances all the same.

While opting for the electrical outlet, it is suggested to use one that is set up inside the cabinets. This is because it keeps all the electrical cords out of sight which can otherwise ruin the décor.

  1. Drilling Holes: Drilling holes, as tough and scary as it sounds, is very much useful and effective. And not scary at all. Rather, it helps you in making sure that the wiring for your under-cabinet lights is hidden from sight.

To make the most of it, use among the smallest drill bits just enough the holes that will allow the wires to pass through.

  1. Wiring through: The next step is to pass the wires through the kitchen cabinets’ holes. For this, the correct way is to begin from the point of connection and end to the points where the lights will be fitted i.e. under the cabinets.

The thing to make sure that the plug is not inserted in the socket with the switch on while you are carrying out the wiring. Only after all the wiring is complete shall you plug it in and turn it on.

  1. Mounting the lights: Now it’s time to mount the lights. Based on the plan you chalked out as mentioned in step one, mount the lights under your kitchen cabinets. Install the lights directly to the bottom of the cabinets using either a drill or screwdriver.

Most of the under-cabinet lights come along with suitable-sized screws. This makes installing them even easier.

  1. Hide the power cords: The only thing that remains now is hiding the loose wire cords by fastening them with the cabinets. Many under-cabinet lights come with wire straps. Use these straps to hold the wires in place and out of sight.

Use hammers or drills to set the straps directly to the bottoms of the kitchen cabinets.

If you still have extra wire visible, coil it up in the form of a loop and place traps on opposite sides of the loop to hold it in place.

  1. Turn them on and admire: The easiest and the most worthy step, finally, is to turn on the lights to a whole new look of your kitchen décor! Under-cabinet lights are a state-of-the-art design that upholds your kitchen décor in the most perfect of manners.

Under-cabinet lights can greatly complement white kitchen cabinets. If you haven’t gone for your cabinetry, these can be a great option.

Keeping these 7 steps in mind will help you in setting up under-cabinet lights. Give your kitchen a personal appeal that your guests will gladly admire.