The Advantages Of Diamond Saw Blades When Cutting Concrete?

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In the realm of concrete cutting, diamond saw blades are the king. 

While diamond blades are available in different edge configuration such as turbo, and segmented, one thing remains constant for all diamond blades. 

Diamond blades are among the most advanced concrete cutting saw blades on the market. 

Importantly, they deliver a superior level of performance that traditional blades cannot achieve. For instance, diamond blades are known for:

  • Durability
  • Smooth cuts
  • Better precision
  • Faster cuts
  • Being more comfortable to use

1. Durability 

Diamond saw blades are made using a circular steel disk that has segments on the outer edge of the blade. 

The segments consist of a combination of diamonds and metal bond powder. 

To bond the diamond segments to the circular disk, the segments, and the bonding agent are placed under pressure and heat. 

This process results in a blade that is not only effective but extremely durable.

Moreover, since diamond is the hardest material known to man, it will last longer without fading or losing its performance. 

Traditional concrete cutting saws fail to attain such levels of durability. As such, concrete cutting contractors have to purchase their blades more frequently. 

As you can imagine, diamond caw blades make for a more cost-effective concrete cutting experience. 

2. Diamond Blades Yield Smooth Cuts

Popular diamond saw blades tend to achieve a smoother cut. For instance, the segmented blades have gullets, air spaces separating segments. 

The gullets not only improve airflow, thereby dissipating heat, but they also evacuate slurry from the cut. 

There is also reduced vibrations when using diamond saw blades. 

However, the net effect of such a concrete cutting mechanism is the blade retaining its overall performance. 

Higher-performance, in turn, ensures that the blade yields a smoother cut.

The benefit is a smoother cut to the overall structure, especially in renovation projects where some parts of the concrete structure need to be preserved for later use. 

A smooth cut reduces the total strain that the concrete structure has to endure. 

Minimising damage-causing vibrations that emanate from sawing also helps to preserve the rest of the concrete structure. 

3. Diamond Saw Blades Have Higher Precision 

Diamond saw blades are renowned for their high precision properties. Many factors contribute to the high precision that these blades yield. 

The most obvious reason is reduced or diminished vibrations. 

With a smooth cut, the concrete cutting personnel can position and track the blades precisely without causing a mess. 

In this regard, diamond concrete cutting can and is used in sawing sensitive areas, unlike traditional concrete cutting saw blades. 

4. Diamonds Saw Blades Are Fast

When speed is a priority for your project, you can use the turbo blade design. The turbo blades have a continuous outer rim with a serrated edge. 

The serrated edge makes the blade capable of withstanding faster-cutting speed while still maintaining high precision and the high-quality performance expected of a diamond saw blade.

5. Diamond Saw Blades Are More Comfortable To Use

Diamond saw blades produce far less noise. Additionally, it results in cuts with far less chipping and breakages. 

The blades also feature advanced designs that evacuate the slurry while minimising dust generation. 

Overall, the diamond saw blades are more pleasant to use for both the contractors as well as everyone around or near the project site. 


It is important to note that you might not accrue all the benefits of using diamond saw blades in your project. 

However, you can rest assured that you will experience the vast majority of the benefits, which lead to a far better experience when compared to using traditional saw blades. 

As an advanced concrete cutting blade, diamond blades give you a superior cutting experience.

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