Start scarifying your lawn

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Lawn maintenance is truly something that can frighten any gardener. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that the grass is always greener on the other side. I think it’s time to make sure that your patch of grass is the greenest patch in the neighborhood. However, maintaining a healthy lawn is no small task. It requires a lot of attention, much more than you would expect. A good place to start is by scarifying your grass. This does not mean you should scare your grass by talking about cement and drought when you’re near your patch of grass. Scarifying is a vital maintenance technique that a lot of gardeners overlook. Scarifying means to remove moss or any other dead organic material from your grass, as this organic layer can suffocate the roots of your lawn. You do this by breaking the top surface with a rake or a scarifying machine. Vertically cutting your lawn gives the grass more room to develop. Let’s talk about why this is important for your lawn.

Why do I need to scarify my lawn?

Just like with any other plant, it needs room, nutrition and oxygen to grow. If any of these three factors are missing, the plant is not able to thrive. The main reason why your patch of grass is not as green as you want it to, is because it is overpopulated. Grass needs space to develop. The main growth of grass takes place at the base, or the crown, which sits at the soil line. All the little grass blades sprout from this place. The more space there is between the crowns, the more your grass can grow.

When do I need to scarify my grass?

If you are not sure when you should scarify your grass, it is best to seek advice from expert websites such as I get all my information from, and it helps me to perfect my garden. You should scarify your lawn when it is growing well as scarifying can really stress your lawn. Grass does not grow well at soil temperatures below 10 degrees. If your soil is more than 10 degrees, you can check this by inserting a thermometer at 3 centimeters in your soil, your grass can grow well. From March to May or from August to October are the best times to scarify your lawn. If you need any more information on how to make your patch of grass as good as possible, visit Withing no time, you’ll have the greenest patch on the block.