Quartz Countertops of Today

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Quartz is an engineered stone that is made of a combination of different materials. Some of the materials that are used are marble, and other natural stones or industrial waste that has been recycled, such as ceramic, silica, glass, and mirrors. Quartz countertops offer a variety of benefits. It is heat resistant which makes it good for kitchens and heavy use for cooking. The surface is hard and non-porous so liquids will not be absorbed. This type of countertop is good for everyday use as it will not harbor bacteria. It is made where it does not scratch deeply. Scratches can be buffed out with a sponge. This makes this type of countertop more sustainable and durable.

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Quartz countertops are fairly uniform in the way that they look because it does not have veining which makes it look more sophisticated. Quartz has a natural luster and will not need to be resealed due to the compound that is used to combine the materials it is made up of.

There are many different manufacturers of quartz countertops and each one has their own looks that they make. The newest quartzite countertop is called the blue sky. It is sky blue with white spots that appear as a cloud in the sky. The companies that manufacture quartz for countertops are Cambria, Ceasarstone, Compac, Dakota, MSI, and Silestone. Some of these manufacturers have in house colors too.

You have chosen the quartz for the countertop that you want now you will need to choose the edge that you want on the countertop. There are several different styles of edges that are popular. Let’s start with the most popular, which is the Eased edge that features a soft square with slightly smoothed edges for safety. Then there is the Ogee edge whose main feature is an elegant “S” shape that is made of two curves. These curves can vary in sizes from being subtle to being dramatic. Next, we will look at the Bullnose edge that is curved along the top and the bottom for an even-looking finish. Let us look at the Half Bullnose next. It adds a delicately curved appearance, because it is rounded on top and flat on the bottom. Now let us check out the Beveled edge that is marked by a sharp 45-degree angle that makes for a well-defined border that frames the countertop. The Mitered edge gives the illusion that the slab is thicker than it is. The Dupont edge features a 90-degree angle at the top that goes into a rounded bottom section before it comes to the flat bottom of the countertop. This is followed by the Cove Dupont edge that features a crescent-shaped curve that leads into a 90-degree angle that goes into the rounded bottom that is followed by the flat bottom of the countertop. The last edge is the Chiseled edge because the profile of this edge works well with the homey, rustic, and natural design style of a kitchen.

The choice can be hard to pick with all the different styles of quartz and the different styles of edges for the countertop, but it will be worth the time in the long run. The last thing to know is that quartz slabs for countertops will range in price from $60 to $100 per square foot. The right countertop will make the kitchen or bathroom look just the way that you want it to look. So do some research and check out what there is being offered in the way of choices and decide which one is right for you and your needs.