Our Favorite Home Décor Trends Of 2018

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You can always choose to decorate your home in the timeless themes that suit the architecture of your home, your geographic location, or your personal style. However, it is always fun to keep an eye on the current trends in interior design. Here are some of our favorites of 2018.

The 5th Wall

Once reserved for high end real estate or art-deco ceilings, statement ceilings have become an everyday home design trend. Create warmth or style by building your new real estate with exposed pipes or beams—or redesign any room by adding wall paper, decals, stripes, geometric shapes, or a high gloss or metallic paint to the ceiling. And don’t forget creative molding.

Fluid Furniture

While the clean lines of boxy couches and chairs is chic, 2018 welcomes fluid furniture that is curvy, casual, and comfortable. This includes designs that are asymmetric or seemingly random. You don’t have to go all in with this trend, as just one or two pieces can make a real difference.


While minimalism continues to gain in adoption, comes the alternate desire for layers and livable homes. Think lots of texture, lots of color, multiple patterns, and enough art to cover your walls from top to bottom. Bring in a touch of nature by adding some cool plants to the mix, such as a vertical herb garden, or plants that vine and can be strung across the room as they grow.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Dual purpose furniture includes anything that can serve more than one function. For example, an ottoman can be a seat, footrest, or a storage space. However, designers are kicking things up a notch—and designing portable furniture that can move from room to room as needed.

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The New Neutral

Sage is all the rage in 2018. It is a cozy yet modern color, perfect for walls, ceilings, home accents, or furniture. As with other neutrals you can take a monochrome approach with varying shades or mix a match it in with a variety of colors, patterns or prints.

Mobile Mixology

Everything old is new again, in this case bar carts used for coffee, cocktails, tea, and desserts. Ideal when entertaining guests, but also handy when working from home—or chilling on the couch. No need to go back and forth to the kitchen.

Whether you plan to entirely redecorate your home, a single room, or make a few small yet impactful changes—2018 provides some inspiring home décor trends. TMF 家匠 has everything you need to get started!