Kitchen Floor Design, the Best Way to Choose the Right Ceramic Floor for the Kitchen Room

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Determining the right kitchen floor design can be started by choosing the floor material.

There are many ways to create a kitchen space that is comfortable and looks impressive. Creating such a unique atmosphere of space, can be started from the installation of the floor. Ceramic flooring is one of them.

Ceramic is one of the many materials for the floor that can give a very beautiful appearance. Ceramic motifs and colors are also able to give a certain impression to the room which can also be adjusted to the theme that you want to present.

The right kitchen floor design not only determines the motif and color, but also involves the selection of material to be used. Cooking activities that often leave stains and dirt, become one of the strongest considerations when you will determine what floor material is appropriate.

To give you a little inspiration regarding the selection of kitchen flooring materials, see a few tips on determining the best ceramic flooring material for your dream kitchen space.

Ceramics Coarse

As discussed earlier, when determining and selecting ceramic materials for the kitchen floor, it is strongly recommended to choose ceramics that have a rough surface or commonly called matt.

Ceramics that have a matt surface texture are suitable for use in the kitchen to protect from oil, soap and other stains. Avoid the use of ceramics that have a slippery texture, because it will be difficult to clean when exposed to stains. In addition, cooking activities become uncomfortable because the floor feels slippery.

Wood ceramics

If you want to display a natural impression for the kitchen, then present elements of wood or wood accents on the floor. You can display wood elements in a natural, rustic to industrial style kitchen.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find wood-patterned ceramics, you can easily find them for sale on the market. Choose the desired motif and color to be applied to your kitchen space. Remember, always choose ceramics that have a matt surface.

Color and ceramic motifs

After deciding on the right type of material to be used, the next step is to determine the color and motif. Kitchen floors are very easy to get dirty, requiring you to consider these two things.

The use of dark colors is often chosen for the kitchen floor to reduce stains that appear on the floor. But the moment is actually not quite right. Stains on the dark floor that stick to it is not clear so sometimes missed to clean. The dark color of the floor will also make the kitchen feel cramped and also dull.

Instead, choose a bright ceramic color, so that it provides a calm and comfortable atmosphere while being creative in the kitchen space. Stains that stick will appear visible and will not be missed when cleaned. And most importantly, bright colors will give a broad and bright impression in the kitchen area.