Keeping Your Home Intact During a Storm

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Maintaining the sanctity of your home is of paramount importance. Anything that breaks that can be seen as a threat, including mice, insects or other pests. But perhaps the most damaging and invasive threat is that of a severe storm. You can minimize and in some cases, may even be able to prevent some damage by taking some important steps.

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Check the Roof

If the storm will carry with it high winds and heavy precipitation, look up – to the roof, that is. Make sure all shingles are securely fastened and that any flashings around chimneys or vent pipes are completely sealed. If you find there is work to do, or if you experience some roof damage during the storm, call the experts in roof repair Ann Arbor homeowners depend on for a secure roof. Check rain gutters to ensure they are clear and can channel water away without drawing it back under the soffit.

Shutter and Secure

If you have working shutters, you may want to close them over the windows and secure them in place. Instead of shutters, you can board up with plywood sheets over the windows to protect from flying debris. Make sure outdoor trash cans are brought into the garage, as well as any welcome mats, potted plants, or patio furniture that could either blow away or become airborne and cause other damage.

Sand Bags

Sandbagging can provide a good line of defense for doorways and basement windows. Push all the sand to one end and fold the remaining bag in half. Repeat with the full end of the next bag laying on top of the flat part of the first bag. Continue in this way adding more rows as needed, to create an interlocking barricade.

Proper preparation can be more than half the battle when getting ready for a storm. Even if you are nervous about the wind and thunder, you may feel a little more secure because you have taken precautions.