How To Achieve Picture-Perfect Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is an essential element of keeping up your home’s aesthetic appeal and maintain its value. Even though you may pass by the front of your home every day, you may pay very little attention to it. If you find that the outside of your home falls to the wayside and does not always get the attention it deserves, here are a few ways that you can improve your curb appeal.


Landscaping plays a hefty role in your home’s look and feel. A crisp, well-manicured lawn can accent a home perfectly, and conversely, a yard cluttered with leaves and debris can make even a beautiful home look unsightly. If you want to take control of the aesthetics of your exterior, take some time to address your lawn, shrubs, trees and plants. This does not have to be an overwhelming process and can be simplified by enlisting the help of delivery services like mulch delivery Cincinnati and various landscaping companies that can simplify this process. A beautifully landscaped space can do wonders for a home’s curb appeal.

Use of Color

Creative use of color can make the exterior of your house pop. Whether you want to update your front door to an attractive, trendy shade or you plant various hues, you can use color to create visual intrigue. While you don’t want to go crazy with color, consider introducing bright, eye-catching colors intentionally to improve your home’s façade.

Dirt and Grim

Many people don’t realize the amount of dirt and grime that builds on the exterior of their homes over time. Not only can this slowly grow and build, but this can substantially impact the look and feel of the home. Take some time to powerwash your home periodically to reduce the built-up mess to reveal the true beauty of your home.

More Than the Façade

If the front of your home has always served as the place that you pass on your way into the interior of the home, you may be missing out. There is so much more that you can do that can also increase its curb appeal. Whether you add a seating area to your front porch, add foliage or vegetation or add a swing, you have plenty of opportunities for you to improve the function, form and feel of the front of your house.

Improving your curb appeal can be easier said than done. It requires your attention, energy and time, but with some calculated effort, you can vastly increase your curb appeal until you are the talk of the neighborhood.