Four Beneficial Features of Berber Rugs

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If you are shopping for rugs for your home or office, you may want to consider Berber rugs, also referred to as the Beni Ourain rugs. The Berber rugs are sourced from Morocco, where the Beni Ourain tribal people who make the carpets live. The Berber people are famous for creating these hand-woven, authentic carpets. The rugs have a unique elegance that can augment the appearance of your room. The Berber carpets may not give you a sophisticated look as would the plush carpets. However, if you are looking for a carpeting option that stands out and makes your home adorable, the Moroccan rugs may be a worthwhile consideration. Here are four exciting features of the Beriberi rugs which may explain why you should acquire them.

A Unique Look and Feel

If you want a simple yet elegant look in your home or office, the Berber mats will work for you. The hand-woven carpets may not have that “wow” appearance that is characteristic of the plush carpets, but they give a unique style and feel that may complement your desired authentic look. The Beni Ourain tribe uses local Moroccan material, so the quality and authenticity of the Berber is assured. You can customize the look of your rooms by selecting specific color combinations, designs, and patterns to match your personal preferences. The Berber rugs also introduce an authentic appearance in your living or work spaces, something that you may not get from the posh carpets.

Ease of Cleaning

The Berber carpets are made from tightly woven loops, making it dense. Many Berber variations include a significant proportion of nylon material in their structures. The result is a strong, authentic Berber rug that resists the buildup of dirt, making it easy to clean. The Berber rugs are especially suitable in a home with high foot traffic. You can easily get rid of the dust by simply shaking the carpet or sweeping. This is unlike the conventional rugs which are deep, so they absorb dirt readily and are more difficult to clean and dry compared to the Berber.

Low Costs of Maintenance

When using an authentic Beni rug, your maintenance costs are low. Berber carpets are easy to vacuum clean. Since they do not hold dirt, they do not require frequent vacuuming. Regular shampooing is necessary, but you do not have to shampoo a Berber rug as often as you would the traditional posh carpets. Put differently, when using Berber rugs, the time, money and effort you spend cleaning them are significantly lower than in the case of the ordinary plush carpets.

Berber rugs are increasingly becoming popular in interior design. An authentic Beni rug may be just what you need to revolutionize your home’s interior outlook. If you need help starting off with a Berber rug, you may seek the assistance of an interior design expert who is conversant with the Beni Ourain carpets.