Besides an Alarm, Here Are Eight Ways To Deter Thieves

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According to crime statistics, burglary, larceny, and thefts have steadily increased, prompting many residents to take more interests in alarm companies in Houston. Even with more officers patrolling the streets, experts warn that this has not deterred thieves.

What Thieves Are Looking For

If we knew all the techniques used by thieves to scout homes we could take the necessary countermeasures. The simplest strategy is to install an alarm system, but there are a few other smart measures to take that will discourage thieves.

Thieves quickly understand if a house has been emptying for several days. There are clues that make it clear – for example, inside it is always dark. If you plan to stay away from home only for a few days, leave a small light on: you can try, for example, to install a small device with a timer, programmable for switching on and off during the hours you set. Even better, if you’re planning a long getaway, that lasts more than 30 days, ask a friend or relative to house sit.

Here are eight more tips to discourage a break-in:

1. Here’s another reason to cut those hedges too high in your garden – a messy driveway suggests thieves that you’re lazy and maybe not too careful about security. In addition to having high hedges or trees near the windows is a bad idea: they can be used to climb or hide behind.

2. Installing a security camera is a good idea, especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood. Affix the camera in a highly visible area, where potential burglars can clearly see that they are being watched.

3. Are you the kind of person who runs out to the store without checking to make sure the doors are properly locked? All you need is five minutes for someone to quickly enter your home and run off with expensive items.

4. Thieves detest dogs. The barking is loud, and neighbors will notice, not to mention, it takes up too much time to duke-it-out with pets and hope you’re on the winning side. A “Beware of the Dog” sign, and Fido’s incessant barking is a good deterrent.

5. Thieves often try to visit a residence, pretending to be delivery guys or maybe utility workers, to examine the inside, and check where the expensive goods can be found. Never open the door or let anyone inside if it appears suspicious. They can wait while you call their place of business to check out the story.

6. Never leave jewelry or other expensive items unattended, in plain sight. You don’t have to make it easy for a thief to grab and go.

7. Look around the exterior and try to clear all the clues that could attract the bad guys to your home while you’re away for a few days. A high pile of newspapers, an overfilled mailbox, delivered packages waiting on the front steps, are all an invitation for trouble. Ask your neighbors to pick them up for you or stop deliveries while you’re away.

8. Lastly, do not keep your house keys under the doormat, or in one of the flower pots, or underneath the garden gnome. You’re not fooling anyone. Even the worst of thieves would look there.

While these are all smart measures to take, the best approach to securing your home and valuables is an alarm system. Not only are they affordable, but customizable for every scenario.