What You Should Know About Safely Using Compressed Air

5 Reasons Compressed Air Testing Is Essential in Manufacturing

Whether you use a portable air compressor or have a company providing compressed air service install one for you, access to compressed air can enable a lot on the work site. However, just like any other power source or high-power machine, air compressors should be handled with care. If you’re planning to use pneumatic power and tools in your next project, keep some of these safety tips in mind to keep yourself and others safe.

Follow Specifications and Standards

Air compressors are rated primarily by three metrics: air pressure, measured in terms of PSI (pounds per square inch); air flow rate, listed as CFM (cubic feet per minute); and the work the motor can do, given in terms of HP (horsepower). These are used to gauge an air compressor’s performance and match it to the power and air flow needed by other equipment. Besides these values, make sure that fittings, hoses, storage vessels, etc. all line up in dimensions and—especially in the case of vessels—are built to national standards.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Before using an air compressor, check the hoses and fittings to ensure tight seals and no leaks, and make sure the outlet is safe and properly grounded. Regularly clean hoses and ensure they’re free of dirt and debris, which could damage the compressor or other equipment. Also, periodically change the oil and/or refuel the compressor, but not immediately after use. When not in use, store the compressor and other equipment in a dry area to prevent rusting.

Smart Use of Pneumatics

While using an air compressor or pneumatic tool, make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Wear eye and ear protection. Pressurized air may kick up dirt or send debris flying, and the compressor’s noise can cause hearing loss.
  • Use gas- and diesel-powered compressors outdoors, as these give

3 Home Maintenance Tasks That are Perfect for Wintertime

Most homeowners wait for warmer weather to perform important maintenance and repairs on their home. However, there are many home improvement tasks that are suited for colder weather. In fact, some systems and components require attention specifically during the winter months. Whether it’s out of convenience or necessity, make sure you check these items off your to-do list when colder weather arrives.

Have Your Pool Serviced

What better time to schedule pool repair Sarasota FL than during the off season? This way, you can ensure that any damage from hours of summer use is addressed without having to delay reopening next summer. It’s also a good idea to have your pool and its systems inspected before you shut them down for the winter.

Prep Your AC Units or System

Once you’ve made the switch to heating for the season, it’s time to pack up any temporary AC systems to prevent damage from cold weather conditions. Place window and portable units in storage, being sure to check the windows for a proper seal for the winter. This is also a good time to add an extra layer of protection to the outdoor air conditioning unit of your HVAC system. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, a simple piece of plywood held in place with a few bricks can help reduce damage from falling icicles.

Trim Your Outdoor Trees

You’re probably used to trimming trees and shrubs in springtime, whether you’re looking to improve the landscape or encourage new growth. But long or loose limbs can be a true hazard during the winter months. Colder temperatures make the wood more brittle, while snow accumulation can cause limbs to fall all over your property, including on your house. Trim any limbs that may pose a threat, especially those hanging …

Recovering or Replacing a Commercial Roof: Which One Do You Need?

Knowing when it's time for a commercial roof replacement

Any commercial roof will require regular maintenance in order to repair small issues and manage problems before they become major expenses. If you’ve noticed early problems with your roof such as a leak it’s likely that you will need to consider a repair or replacement option. For replacement of a commercial roof is not oh is necessary but the call on repair versus replacement often comes down to working with a professional contractor.

When Recovering Is An Option

A roof recovering can make sure that a roofing system can last over the years to come. A minor roofing issue can be fixed by recovering the surface of the roots. If the components are in good shape and in need of an extensive amount of repairs, installing a brand-new cover on the roof can be an option that could provide you with years of quality longevity on your roofing systems. You can often only do this once with a commercial membrane before the entire roofing system needs to be replaced again. The big benefit of using recovering over replacement is that it’s considerably cheaper for your budget and you won’t have to send a large amount of the construction materials to a local landfill until the roof requires replacement.

Roof Replacement

If you’ve already recovered the coatings on your roof it’s likely that you might need a complete roof replacement. If the damage to your roof is extensive as well it’s likely they you will need a full replacement too. Most professional contractors consider a roof that’s more than one quarter damaged to be a breaking point and a need for a complete roof replacement. After the quarter damage Mark a full replacement is much more cost-effective than performing the repairs and doing a recovering.

If you’re interested in getting your …

4 Benefits of Rooftop Decks


Adding a rooftop deck to a property is a big decision. Depending on the type of roof involved, there may be a lot of work involved to make sure the deck is sturdy and safe. However, the resulting space can be enjoyed by the homeowner for decades. Rooftop decks offer privacy, great views, extra entertaining space and can be great spaces for container gardening.

  1. Privacy

Many people love to be outside when the weather is fine. Not everyone has access to a private outdoor space, which can cause them to stay inside more often than they would like. A rooftop deck allows people to enjoy being outside while also enjoying their privacy. Installing an elevated concrete deck can be a great option for homeowners who like their neighbors and do not mind the lack of privacy sometimes, but prefer to have the option of being alone when desired.

  1. Scenic Views

Looking down from the roof of a house offers up an entirely new perspective on the surrounding area. Instead of being down in the thick of things, people on a rooftop deck can enjoy watching the action happening below without participating in it. Without the interference of other buildings, sunrises and sunsets can be enjoyed more fully, and stargazing becomes easier at night.

  1. Unique Entertainment Space

Rooftop decks are becoming more popular, but they are still not common in many areas. Having a rooftop deck can offer up a unique entertaining space when company comes over. Depending on the shape, size and layout of the deck, it may be possible to have an outdoor bar, grill or fire pit on the roof. This can allow the space to go from an outdoor sitting area to one where an entire party can take place.

  1. Container Gardening Space

Anyone who does …

Advice for people who manage multiple properties as a landlord

The real estate industry is a really big and profitable one. If you are smart and business savvy, there is a lot of money to be made in real estate. Besides, if you wish to build a multidimensional wealth, you can own a couple of properties that you will manage as a landlord. Although it is not easy to manage multiple properties, it is possible. Here are ways you can follow:

Always invite a professional when there is an absolute need for it
No matter how perfect a do-it-yourselfer that you are, you still need external ideas and insights for your business of managing properties to grow and be sustainable. You cannot know it all, neither can you do it all. If you need to hire the services of a professional realtor or legal consultant such as 247 Home Rescue services, do so. Your business will thank you.

Get help if necessary
As mentioned earlier, you cannot do everything on your own. If you find that your properties are more than what you can manage, instead of losing them carelessly, you can employ someone to help you. Or you can decide to sell off some properties and concentrate on the few you can manage. One home services help you can get is insurance for the properties you manage.

Try as much as possible to get the best tenants
Your tenants can be a real pain in the neck if you are not fortunate to have good ones. Before you allow anyone to rent your property. Screen them. Run a criminal record check on them as well. If you do not feel comfortable renting out your property to some people, then trust your guts. Only accept people who will be committed to the maintenance of your properties.

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