5 Interior Style Choices That Reflect Your Lifestyle

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The choice of interior style used can reflect character and personality.

The choice of home interior style is indirectly able to give an idea of ​​what kind of personality the owner has. The radiance of a person’s personality can really be seen and seen from the choice of interior concept he uses.

Not only that, the effect of interior design can also have a strong psychological impact on the occupants. This is known as the space psychology effect in interior design studies.

Believe it or not, the interior design style used is a reflection of a person’s character and personality. We can see and guess the character and personality of a person from the appearance of the interior of the house.

Do you know why this happened? This is because the choice of design style is very much influenced by the tastes or personal preferences of the owner, so that when making choices, subjective factors are the most decisive.

Here are 5 interior design styles that reflect the character and personality of the user:

Minimalist Interior Style

The hallmark of a minimalist interior design is its simple appearance with firm lines. Furniture models also tend to be box-shaped with almost similar space constructions.

The minimalist design is very suitable to represent today’s fast-paced and efficient modern lifestyle. The lack of decorative elements used in this interior style also allows a minimal allocation of time in arrangement.

As we all know, the condition of a messy house or room can have negative and negative effects on whoever the occupants are. With a minimalist idea, any of these difficulties can be easily overcome. And thus, this style can be a reflection of today’s lifestyle which tends to be ignorant and skeptical.

Scandinavian Interior Style

The warm and cozy Scandinavian interior design with the predominant tendency of using white reflects the simplicity and flexibility of any space. Scandinavian interiors are deliberately designed to promote function with a distinctive aesthetic. The decorative elements used also tend to follow a minimalist form, and the furniture model is no exception.

Scandinavia was born and raised and became one of its distinctive and iconic styles. This interior idea is very popular and has become one of the most popular and calculated styles.

The flexibility and functionality of the room without reducing the aesthetics are the advantages of this typical Nordic interior style. It reflects simplicity with a sharp and bold visualization, especially regarding functions.

Scandinavia can represent a fast paced lifestyle and a little “country sense” which is very suitable for the family atmosphere that is a value in Indonesian society. This design idea displays hospitality, promoting open tradition and culture. Represent their lifestyle with a warm and friendly personality.

Pop Art Interior Design Styles

Pop art interior is synonymous with the use of bright and bold colors. Representing a dynamic, open minded, and cheerful lifestyle.

This interior style is usually favored by those who claim to be artists, art lovers or the like. The uniqueness of her personality is shown in her choice of colorful decorative elements. Interior style choices for those who are eccentric and artsy.

Classic Interior

Classic design is all about luxury and beauty. Ornamental displays and features that sometimes look very intricate but contain artistic elements and very high artistic value.

Elegant and luxurious are the hallmarks of this interior style. Quality is always the most important consideration. Representing a royal and glamorous lifestyle by emphasizing the appearance and quality of high-value art. The classic interior concept represents the luxurious lifestyle of the aristocracy.

Contemporary Interior Design

Many find it difficult to distinguish between contemporary and modern interior styles. Even though both are interior concepts that have significant differences.

Below we add additional reading for those of you who want to know more about the differences between contemporary vs modern styles. Also 5 choices of interior concepts that might describe your character and personality.

Apart from being claimed to be a reflection of the urban lifestyle, contemporary interiors also highlight the other side of the minimalist style. He also visualizes openness such as in the Scandinavian style, where a minimalistic look lacks decoration, the use of complementary color schemes and contemporary elements. Contemporary represents those with open personalities and lifestyles that are flexible and flexible.