4 Top Kitchen Flooring Options You Should Consider in 2021

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The kitchen is supposedly one of the busiest parts of the house from the foot traffic, spills, stains, and accidental hazards – and still, it has to be beautifully made since that’s where the cooking occurs and we tend to spend more time there. Asides from durability considerations, the floor you choose has a statement on how the kitchen looks. Selecting a flooring option is easy, but finding the right store to buy the right ones from could be a hassle.

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 Here, we’ve put together four top kitchen flooring options you should consider in 2021:

 1. Vinyl Floor

The vinyl floor is one of the most popular floorings for the kitchen because of its variety of colors, patterns, and designs – and the vinyl comes as tiles or sheets. The sheet vinyl flooring is waterproof and stainproof. It is easy to clean and comes in various ranges of colors – from embossed ceramic tiles to plain Jane. The sheet vinyl is a resilient flooring that has a soft underfoot feeling which makes it a top option for kitchen flooring. Due to its softness, it can be a little more accommodating when an object drops on it. Asides from the ease of maintenance, vinyl flooring is a great option to save cost and it offers multiple styles.

 2. Porcelain Tiles

The porcelain tiles are an improvement on the common ceramic tile as they are harder and less porous. The tile is strong which makes it a great option for use in the kitchen where there’s frequent spilling, physical impact from the objects, and heat. The porcelain could be glazed or unglazed. The glazed tiles have a glass-like coating i.e. more polished, and they can be made in any color, while the unglazed porcelain has the earthy natural color of clay. Though installing it could be relatively expensive when compared to other options, the quality is great for the feet especially if you spend most of your time in the kitchen.

3. Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood flooring could be solid wood or engineered wood planks. The engineered wood planks are of real wood backed by a layer of plywoods that make the planks stable, which makes the floor less humid. The hardwood is warmer and comfortable underfoot. It is preferable if you have an open floor plan that extends beyond the kitchen as it is more stylish. It resists moisture but spills should be cleaned up immediately, to avoid slipping problems, you can go for the distressed or hand-scraped hardwood.

 4. Cork Flooring

Cork is made from tree bark and opting for this is a good way to take part in conserving the environment. It comes in various sizes from the 12 by 12 tiles and the 1 by 3 tiles with an intriguing grain pattern. This is a great option because of the bark water-resistant structure which makes your kitchen safe considering the kitchen hazards that could occur and it is easy to clean. To enjoy this flooring for a long period, it has to be repositioned after a couple of years to maintain its look and prevent scratches.

Of course, there are other various kitchen flooring options you can go for depending on your style and its effect on your home, but the four options listed above remain some of the best we’ve seen so far in 2021.