4 Reasons to Include a Pond on Your Property

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There are a number of considerations for determining the types of landscaping features to include when developing your property. For many, there is an appeal to adding a pond as a water feature, but is this really a good idea? There are certainly design, installation and upkeep considerations, but with proper lake aeration and regular maintenance, a pond can be an excellent addition to your property. Here are four reasons you might want to include this type of water feature in your landscaping design.

Environmental Benefits

Constructing a pond on your property produces numerous environmental benefits. Water will attract wildlife to the area, especially when paired with healthy soils and a native plant array. Species of birds, insects and amphibians will make their way to a water source, especially when it also provides opportunities for feeding. Incorporating a pond into your landscaping can also help mitigate flooding and runoff issues, as well as conserve water.

Human Well-Being Improvements

Water has a soothing effect on people. There is a connection between being near a water source and improved mental health and physical health. In a stressful world, the importance of access to nature to revive and replenish cannot be understated. With a pond on your property, you are never far from a space to get away, even if only for a few minutes. For places of business, having a pond will likely increase the productivity of employees when they are encouraged to take their breaks along its shores.

Recreational Opportunities

Installing a pond on your property provides a centralized feature for recreation. Walking paths can be incorporated around the water. If you plan to extend the natural area beyond the immediate shores, you will increase the options for trail length and type to include opportunities for biking, running and skating.

Financial Incentives

While constructing a pond on your property will increase your upfront landscaping costs, there are long-term financial incentives for making the investment. Including a water feature increases your property value. In addition, many states, Florida, for example, provide tax incentives or grants for environmental conservation initiatives on private property.

If you have been on the fence about whether to include a pond on your property, there are several good reasons to do so. Your investment will lead to the valuable, though intangible, benefits to human well-being, as well as the more tangible outcomes in increased environmental health, greater opportunities for recreation and long-term positive financial impacts.