The Rooms We Don’t Miss After Downsizing (And The Ones We Do)

Sherry’s post a few months ago about what furniture & decor we still own after downsizing was the first time I’d looked back at photos of our previous house in a while. It was a fun walk down memory lane (how has it been 2.5 years since we moved?!). It also jogged my memory about how much “extra house” we used to have. As in, full rooms that were so under-utilized that I’d almost forgotten about them!

Painted White Brick Traditional Colonial Home In Richmond VA

Don’t get me wrong: we loved that house. But, as you know, it was a much bigger house than we realized we needed (spending an entire summer in our smaller pink beach house really clarified that for us – more on that here), and we were excited & relieved to downsize to our current home in Florida. We went from 3,150 square feet in Virginia to 1,400 square feet here – which is less than half the space, for the math nerds out there.

House With White Siding And Tropical Plantings

Some rooms here are just smaller than their Virginia counterparts, but we also have full rooms that are just totally missing (we went from 3 bathrooms to 1, and no longer have things like a garage, a home office, a dining room, etc). And over the past 2.5 years of living here in our smaller home (through a global pandemic, which resulted in an entire year of at-home learning in our smaller space!) we’ve definitely put having fewer rooms to the test. And since it has been a few years, and we’ve gotten along so well without them, I thought it’d be interesting to see which ones we don’t miss (and the ones that we do miss).

6 Rooms Versus 14 Rooms

Simply put, our current home has six rooms. A multifunctional room downstairs that has a

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36 Stunning Fireplace Decor Ideas, Just in Time for Winter Weather

The fireplace often serves as the focal point and gathering space of a living room. Whether you have a vintage-inspired brick fireplace, an electric fireplace that feels minimal and modern or a decorative non-working fireplace, it’s fun to fill the surrounding area with beautiful elements that represent you. You may choose to adorn a hearth with beloved artwork, plants or a collection of mirrors, or decide to start a DIY project (like giving your bricks a fresh coat of paint). No matter your personal style or level of ambition, we’ve rounded up beautiful fireplace decorating ideas that work all year round.

Above the fireplace, go for vases, artwork and sculptural elements that mesh well with your design style. Plus, brainstorm creative ways to distract from your TV if your fireplace doubles as a TV stand. Don’t forget that inside the fireplace doesn’t have to be reserved for logs — you can go for a decorative tile pattern, then fill it with plants, books, lanterns or even a candelabra. If you’re really feeling inspired, it’s surprisingly simple to retile or paint an existing fireplace — or even learn how to build your own faux fireplace.

Swapping fireplace decor is a great way to transition your living room design through different seasons, from fall and Christmas to spring and summer. Go for festive greens and cozy textures for a Christmas mantel, and bright hues and fresh flowers when the weather starts to warm up. The choice is yours!

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How to Clean Your Humidifier and Why You Should Do It Now

Dry indoor air, especially in the winter months, can lead to dry skin and sinuses — and even dry furniture and wood floors. Maintaining a proper level of humidity in your home is important for healthy living, and the easiest way to put moisture back into your home’s dry air is with a good cool- or warm-mist humidifier. But it’s important to disassemble and clean it regularly. Water is a breeding ground for mold and microbes. Wait too long in between cleanings, and you may end up breathing in some of that bacteria.

We consulted with experts here at the Good Housekeeping Institute for ways to help keep your humidifier clean during the winter months (and beyond). When you clean your humidifier, how you do it will depend on the type you have. “It’s always best to follow the cleaning directions of your model,” says Carolyn Forté, executive director of the GH Institute Home Care & Cleaning Lab.

For specific maintenance instructions, Forté recommends holding on to the owner’s manual — or keeping it available until you get the hang of it. If you can’t seem to find your owner’s manual, contact the manufacturer or check its website. But if neither is at your disposal, here are the basics steps to cleaning any humidifier.

Note: Don’t wash a wick filter, as it can damage the paper-like material and potentially remove an antimicrobial coating. You’re better off replacing the filter with a new one. Remove any filter before cleaning your humidifier’s tank, base and parts.

How often should you clean a humidifier?

The answer might surprise you. At least once a week, turn off your humidifier and get cleaning — but you can certainly do it more frequently if you or anyone in your family has respiratory problems and

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Here’s How to Fasten Off in Crochet to Keep Your Stitch From Unraveling

After completing any crochet project — whether it’s a stocking, basket, hat or scarf — weaving in the ends is crucial to prevent your stitch from unraveling. This process can be tricky for those who are new to the world of crocheting. But don’t worry! Good Housekeeping‘s Design Director and crochet maven, Mariana Tuma, explains how to fasten off in crochet.

While basic crochet stitches can take a few days to learn (the single crochet being one of the shortest of all the stitches), more advanced techniques may take longer. That’s why it’s important to tie off your crocheting properly to ensure that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Follow the quick step-by-step video above for this easy how-to, then take a look below for our written guide. And if you want even more trendy DIYs, ranging from knitting to macramé, join the GH Stitch Club for patterns and tutorials to try at home (this daisy granny square is just one example). Happy crafting!

How to Fasten Off in Crochet

how to fasten off in crochet, woman crocheting with threads at gray table

Liudmila Chernetska//Getty Images

  • Step 1: When you’re ready to end your project, work your last stitch, cut the yarn from the ball (leaving about 6″ to 8″) and then pull the tail through the loop on your hook.

Slip Stitch: a basic crochet stitch used to add decorative elements or join pieces together.

  • Step 2: Now it’s time to weave in the loose ends with your crochet hook. Insert the hook into an adjoining stitch and pull the tail through.
  • Step 3: Repeat the process until you’ve worked through a few stitches and you’re ready to cut the tail, leaving it hidden inside one of the stitches.
  • Step 4: Go to your beginning tail, where you started your project. Weave the
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A Practical Journal For Conscious Residing

Learn to develop crops, explore urban nature, discover green applied sciences & nature-impressed improvements for healthy urban living. Modern House, suitable to slim lot, three bedrooms, open planning, garage, high ceiling in the dwelling space. 5. The Software Time viewers is the actual ‘Dwelling Enchancment’ studio audience. has helped more than 1 million builders and residential owners construct affordably from our huge number of residence plan designs.

Our designers have personally picked their prime-promoting, builder-most well-liked and hottest plans. But most owners know — or soon uncover — that such initiatives are part of the deal if you commerce rent for a mortgage payment. This free tiny home plan from Ana White is fashionable and rustic with a full kitchen, private bed room, loft, and a surprisingly great amount of storage.

Inexperienced Living (CA) Reviews In San Diego, CA

Danes are brought as much as query authority, which makes them highly effective innovators. Most well-liked by builders and liked by owners, we’ve been creating award successful house plans since 1976. A significant component of sustainable living entails that which no human can stay with out, water Unsustainable water use has far reaching implications for humankind.

House Plans and More brings one of the best plans collectively in one place, so households can discover the home of their desires, whereas also providing builders with tools to …

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