Creating Custom Storage With Ikea Bestas

Want to turn simple store-bought cabinets into custom built-ins? “Hacking” something that’s already made is so much easier than building something from scratch, and it can look really custom in the end. Built-in storage is universally helpful (especially in a smaller home – but really, anywhere), and things like the floor-to-ceiling closets in our bedroom, the desk & bookcase we added to our son’s room, and the wall-to-wall media cabinet in our family room have made such a difference. But one built-in that we’ve barely mentioned since we added and upgraded them are the Ikea Bestas flanking our fireplace:

The good news is that it took just a few fairly easy steps to make them look a lot more custom than they look on the showroom floor in Ikea. So let’s get into the details.

Why Did We Choose Ikea Bestas?

The photo you see above is the view directly across from our bed. You may recall it from inspiring photos like the one below, taken right after we moved in and were still in the thick of unpacking. Like, quite literally THE THICK.

Messy bedroom right after move in with boxes and junk everywhere

Once we were fully unpacked, it became clear that this area was begging for some matching storage on either side of the fireplace. We knew some sort of cabinetry would nicely flank the fireplace, sit right under those matching windows, and wouldn’t take up much floor space while adding a lot more concealed storage. Because let’s face it, what we had on hand wasn’t going to cut it for the long haul:

Bedroom Fireplace After Moving In With Random Objects On Either Side

Lucky for us, Ikea’s Besta system sold a 47″ wide cabinet that just about perfectly fit in that 50″ space on the left side (we added some filler pieces for a wall-to-wall look – but more on that in a second). Paired with some

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Quality and Timely 3 Line Repair Service That Meets Customer Needs

Building construction involves so many operations that require the services of experts experienced in the field. When it comes to roofing, the services of a professional roofing contractor get handled to install suitable roofing material to protect the home. In the same breath, when it comes to plumbing, the right plumbing contractor must be sought after to do a job that offers maximum benefits to the building owner. Raven Mechanical, LP is a full-service mechanical construction company offering sewer line repair services in Houston, Texas. With a mission to offer a high level of service, the contractors work tirelessly to deliver quality service. Some of the services offered include the following: 

Underground sewer repair

For a sewer to be functioning correctly, it shouldn’t back up, and some of the signs of a faulty sewer line include constant drain stoppages. Some things that cause the problem include obstructions and pipe deterioration over time. A wholly or partially collapsed pipe from rotting leads to obstructions. Sewer line repair in Houston, Texas, gets done using specialized equipment that helps identify the exact cause of the problem to prevent the technicians from digging everywhere. A video inspection of the sewer drain helps determine the blocked area, after which the technicians get to work to correct the defects. The sewer camera gets handled by an expert who evaluates the condition of the entire sewer line and provides the client with the various solution options available. 

Plumbing leaks and repairs

The plumbing system is a vital part of every building as it carries the water needed to perform various tasks within the home, such as cleaning, cooking, and washing. Whenever there is a pipe leak, the water flow gets affected, preventing it from reaching the desired place and leaving the whole building exposed to danger.

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Festive Napkin Folding Ideas That Are so Much Easier Than Expected

The art of napkin folding may seem intimating at first glance, but it’s a surprisingly simple way to elevate your dining room decor. Whether you’re hosting the entire family for Christmas dinner, cooking a Valentine’s Day meal at home with your partner or looking for a fun way to enliven your weekly Sunday supper, we’ve rounded up easy napkin folding ideas that will add a DIY touch to your table.

Get creative by straying away from formal place settings. Instead, use creative napkin folds to hold silverware or turn a traditional table napkin into a playful creation (keep scrolling for bunnies, turkeys and fish). As you browse these easy-to-follow ideas, you’ll find fall foliage and floral bouquets that make the perfect Thanksgiving place setting, as well as Christmas trees, candy canes bows and elegant star shapes for the ultimate holiday table setup. If you’re brainstorming for spring or summer, we’ve got you covered there as well.

While most of these ideas require a square cloth napkin, we’ve sprinkled in a few paper napkin folding ideas — which is a more affordable option if you’re working with a lot of place settings. Once you’ve settled on an idea, you’ll be impressed by how quickly you get the hang of a folding technique. The best part: a few of these tutorials can be completed in less than one minute.

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The Right Way to Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker So It Keeps Brewing

Single-serve coffee makers, like Keurig, have made it super easy and convenient to brew a perfect cup of joe. But it’s just as easy for many folks to overlook that these machines need regular cleaning and descaling to work their best. It takes more than refilling the water reservoir and popping in a new K-cup to keep a Keurig brewing — and to keep it free of the mold and bacteria that can grow when you neglect it. When it comes to routine maintenance and cleaning, think of your Keurig as you do other home appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and traditional coffee makers. Not only will regular cleanings extend the life of your appliance and protect your health, they’ll also keep your coffee tasting great every day.

We asked Carolyn Forté, Executive Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Home Care & Cleaning Lab, for advice on how to maintain your go-to morning machine. Start by stocking up on the cleaning essentials recommended below, then follow the timeline for how often you should clean every part of your coffee maker.

graphic of keurig with different parts labeled showing when each should be cleaned on blue background

How to clean a Keurig weekly

Ideally, it’s best to wash the removable parts of your machine on a weekly basis, especially if you use it daily.

What you’ll need:

  • Dish soap
  • Sponge or cloth
  • Dish towel for drying


  1. Unplug the machine.
  2. Remove the water reservoir, lid, drip tray and K-cup holder.
  3. Pop out the filter, if any, from inside the reservoir and set it aside.
  4. Wash all parts in warm, soapy water.
  5. Rinse the parts thoroughly and towel dry everything except the interior of the water reservoir. Let the interior air dry to keep from depositing any lint from your towel inside.
  6. Wipe down the machine’s exterior surface with a damp sponge or cloth.
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The Biggest Kitchen Design Trends for 2023, According to the Pros

When designing your dream kitchen, it’s important to balance timeless features with playful colors, patterns and textures that reflect your personality and design aesthetic. You may not want to remodel your kitchen each and every year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to keep your space feeling fresh and modern. We spoke with interior designers and kitchen experts who shared their top kitchen trends for 2023, touching on everything from cabinet colors and kitchen lighting ideas to design styles they’re loving.

At this point, 2023 is just around the corner and these design experts are looking ahead at trends and styles that will define the new year. For kitchen countertops, they’re seeing both natural and expressive stones. For paint colors, the pros are loving dusty greens and blues, as well as soft hues like terracotta and natural browns. But, don’t worry: bold patterns are not out. As you scroll, you’ll notice a surge of gold hardware — but matte black and brass are sticking around as well.

Swap out your backsplash tile (dare we suggest something vibrant), add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen island or layer in handmade artisan details — all of which can be completed in a few hours. As much as we love a hot trend, we’ll leave you with this message from interior designer Kate Lester: “Focus more on what the space needs and less on what is ‘trending.’ Doing what’s best for your space never goes out of style!”

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