10 Secret Tricks for Small Houses Can Be Looked Broad

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Buying or building a small house is actually not a problem especially for young people who are just starting a family or living alone, owning a small house with a little room will not be a problem. With a very limited space capacity, a small house can look big, provided the homeowner is careful and knows how to properly arrange the interior of a small house.

Here are 10 tricks to maximize space and land in a small house so that it can look wider.

  1. Bright Color for Walls

With bright colors, a small house will feel spacious, fresh and bright. Applying dark paint to the room will make a small house look more comfortable, but make a smaller house smaller. Instead of reflecting light, dark paint colors absorb even the incoming lighting sources, resulting in a gloomy house.

  1. Don’t Put a Flat Furniture on the Wall

It has become a habit for most people in arranging furniture, shifting furniture to the walls of the house has been trusted as a method to provide space for small houses. This perception is not entirely true.

  1. Take advantage of the Mirror on the Wall

In a room that is quite narrow, hang a few mid-sized mirrors side by side. Create a mirror frame into a uniform color to enhance the decor of the room, to give the impression of a room that is wider than the original.

  1. Multifunctional Furniture as a Solution

By utilizing multifunctional furniture, you have saved space in the small house that you inhabit. If the bedroom is narrow and you need extra space to store equipment, buy a mattress that has a drawer under the bed that can be used as a storage cabinet.

There are also office desks that have storage cabinets, such as children’s study desks, but you can use their storage capacity to make your small house feel big.

  1. Carpet Pattern Motifs For Wider Room Views

If you don’t have a carpet for a small house and plan to shop for a carpet, buy a carpet with a small repetitive pattern motif. Carpets with small repetitive pattern motifs will give the impression of a wider room.

Place the carpet under the living room table. Alas the carpet with different repetitive patterned motifs on other furniture in your small house such as under the bed, sofa and cupboard. This is a trick of eye illusion to make a small house look spacious, not claustrophobic, and look bright.

  1. Wall Furniture for TV

If the living room in your small house is narrow, don’t hesitate to put some electronic devices on the wall. Hang the television on the wall, place a DVD player, game console or speaker on the wall to provide open space on the floor.

  1. Striped floor pattern

Clothing with strip patterns or vertical stripes will make someone look taller and horizontal line patterns will make someone look wider. Apply this eye illusion to your small house. If the room in your small house is wider, apply a vertical patterned carpet or floor paint to give the impression of a longer room and vice versa.

  1. Large Windows and Curtains

A large window will ensure that the intensity of the sun’s lighting enters the room in a small house quite a lot so that it changes the impression of a small house into a spacious, bright and open house.

With the help of large and tall curtains and curtains, the ceiling will appear taller and your small house will look wider vertically.